Newly discovered satellite data – Scientists can’t explain “enormous holes” in 1960s Arctic sea ice


“What the researchers didn’t expect were ‘enormous holes’ in the [Arctic] sea ice…. ‘We can’t explain them yet,… And the Antarctic blew us away.’ ”

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Nor is the current satellite record, dating only to the late 1970s, enough to cover a single entire sea-ice cycle which can take roughly 60 years to complete, in conjunction with the other oceanic temperature cycles such as the Pacific Decadal Oscillation (PDO) and the Atlantic Multidecadal Oscillation (AMO).

When you hear the words “in recorded history” appended to a claim about climate change, it is important to remember that our recorded history for most elements of the climate is very limited.  Even truly-global air temperature measurements by satellites began only in late 1978. Global ocean heat content measurements began only in the 2000s (and still, it’s only to a depth of 3000 meters–we have no real clue as to what’s going on below that depth in any reliable way), and excludes areas in the ocean covered by sea ice such as the Arctic and Antarctic.

The earth’s climate system is, and always has been, in a constant state of change.  So are the data available to measure that climate system.


Sea Level Rise Slows in 21st Century

Sea level, which has been rising since the end of the last ice age, shows a high level of natural variability, driven primarily by ENSO cycles:

Jerry Brown – 2 Years Is The New 220 Years

Real Science

The declaration comes during one of the driest winters on record in California, following two dry years that already have left many reservoirs depleted. The state is facing “perhaps the worst drought that California has ever seen” since records began, Brown said during the Friday morning announcement.

Gov. Brown Declares CA Drought Emergency | NBC Southern California

Jerry should check back with us in 218 years about that Mann-made record drought.

July 19, 1994
BEGINNING about 1,100 years ago, what is now California baked in two droughts, the first lasting 220 years and the second 140 years. Each was much more intense than the mere six-year dry spells that afflict modern California from time to time, new studies of past climates show. The findings suggest, in fact, that relatively wet periods like the 20th century have been the exception rather than the rule in California for at least…

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